Dr. Yucan visits Maui

We had an absolutely amazing time on Maui. The staff and the children enjoyed meeting Dr. Yucan and listening to Trading Places, the 1st book in The Zeus & Deus Series. See you soon Pomaika’i Elementary. Keep up the good work:-)

How to purchase books:

The Zeus & Deus Series has garnered such an awesome response from parents, teachers & children all across the globe. You can order your copies from Amazon.com (http://amazon.com/dp/098503381x) or leave us a message regarding the amount of books you’d like, along with your address and you’ll receive personalized autographed copies, which will be personally signed by Dr. Yucan.

The real Zeus from The Zeus & Deus Series.


Dr. Yucan’s Trading Places from the Zeus & Deus Series (Book #1)

Becoming Dr. Yucan

Many things have been achieved in my short years of living, yet none have compared to this. Becoming Dr. Yucan has been an unforeseen awakening. A dream with levels so deep, that even I don’t wish to wake from.

Writing is my passion. It’s my escape. My peace, joy, strongest desire and my gift from God. I love it and it loves me back. We unite, procreate and raise children that read, write, imagine and live their best lives. Dr. Yucan

Layers unfold. Stories are told. Dreams become real. Imagine if you will. Dr. Yucan

Something special happens when I read to a child. I get lost in a world where imagination is life. No wrong way nor right. Just freedom to think, laugh, create and be. This is where I wanna dwell. There’s joy over here. Imagine if you will.

Dr. Yucan

Hello world! What an awesome time it’s been planting seeds & watering the children’s imagination this school year. I had the pleasure of reading all over the globe. The best part is when the children become silent. You can feel them zoning in, paying attention to every word and every inflection of my voice. Their focus inspires me to give my all. I become aware that the impression I leave today could very well be a pivotal point of their lives. I dramatically act out the character’s. The music supports my every word (courtesy of T. Herd). The silence in the room swells and my heart becomes full. I realize I am living in my purpose. Gaining their undivided attention is my aim. Once this is achieved, I undoubtedly know that I am planting seeds that will grow into future authors, creators and leaders of the world.

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